Thermal Cycling and Humidity freeze Test

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Product Overview

The Thermal Cycling Climatic chamber , manufactured by King Design, realistically simulates the environment according to temperature and humidity.

These chambers can be constructed to accept a wide range of Photo Voltaic panels and accommodate panels up to 2.2 x 2.8 Meters

All King Design Photo Voltaic Test Chambers have a temperature range of -45 to 110℃  with a temperature constancy: ±1.0℃ , and a temperature uniformity: ±2.0℃

Full humidity functionality is also provided allowing tests to be performed between 10% and 85% RH with a humidity consistency of +/- 2,5% RH

King Design’s Thermal Cycling and humidity freeze test Chamber conforms to IEC 61215 10.11 thermal cycling test 50 to 200 cycles

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Key Features

  • Large quantity of panels can be tested in a single chamber
  • LCD type Programmable Controller
  • Full compliance to IEC 61646-61215 -10.11
  • Fully interlocked for user safety

Available Options

  • Variety of chamber sizes available to suit PV Panel size and quantity
  • Auxiliary PV  Panel Power supply's available for use whilst Panel is under test
  • Data Acquisition Systems

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