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THP Services Announce Further Expansion of thier UK Environmental Test House

THP Services have announced that they have expanded their UK environmental test capabilities by the addition of two further test stations.

Located in Letchworth in the United Kingdom,THP Services are an established provider of environmental test facilities with a customer base that spans a wide range of industrial sectors.

The significant growth of the THP Services division, has enabled increased test capacity. The two new test stations will allow THP Services to be one of the few commercially available test houses that offer combined vibration and thermal test capability.

With the recent purchase of the 16 kN ECO Vibration test system, they can more accurately predict the electrical costs to perform many of their customer’s tests and where applicable lower customer testing costs. As part of this investment the ECO Shaker will be interfaced to a Climatic chamber which has temperature range of -40°C to +180°C.

The THP test house have also added a standard 22 kN Vibration System, which now means they have a wide range of facilities with payload capacities up to 300 Kg. All of the vibration test systems can perform the standard Sine, Random and Shock tests along with mixed mode, such as Sine on Random and Random on Random.

From a customer perspective, this expanded capacity also enables THP Services the ability to offer “pay as you go” testing, where customers can book testing at short notice in 4 hour blocks . Throughout testing there are fully trained test engineers, to advise and support at the THP Services test house.

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