Hydraulic Vibration Test System installed in THP Test Lab

THP Systems has recently completed the installation and commissioning of its NEW hydraulic vibration system (HV36 from L.A.B) in the THP Test Lab.

The HV36 hydraulic vibration test system is ideal for a wide spectrum of testing applications ranging from sine sweep tests to the most complex data real time simulation, or random reproduction applications in the package and transportation markets. The HV36 has the capabilities to test up to 300kgs payload and 100mm displacement. This additional system complements our existing ISTA Accredited Test Lab capabilities to include.

  • ASTM 4169-16 Air – Truck/Rail

  • ASTM D999 A1, B, and C-Packaged Products

  • ISO 13355

  • ISTA 1A Packaged Products-Fixed Displacement Sine

  • ISTA 1B (LTL) Packaged Products-Fixed Displacement Sine

  • ISTA 1C Packaged Products

  • ISTA 1D Packaged Products

  • ISTA 2A Packaged Products

  • ISTA 2B Packaged Products

  • ISTA 3A (Air) – Over the Road -Pick-up and Delivery

  • ISTA 3B (LTL)

  • ISTA 3E Unitized Loads

  • ISTA 3K Consumer goods in Europe –

  • ISTA Series 6 – Amazon 6 Over Boxing – Amazon 6 SIOC

  • ASTM 4728


For more information on how THP services can enhance your product quality with ISTA testing please contact us at [email protected].