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IMV Corporation Announce Ex Stock Delivery on Vibration Test Systems in the UK.

IMV Corporation have announced that they have increased their Ex Stock (UK) availability of a wide range of Air Cooled Vibration systems and replacement Power Amplifiers.

The increase in available systems from IMVs UK Headquarters is in response to the demand from IMVs large European customer base who are accelerating their Vibration product testing towards the end of the year.

Along with a wide range of complete Vibration Test Systems, including the award winning ECO product range, IMV have also stocked replacement power amplifiers that are available to be interfaced to a wide range of alternative manufacturers vibrators in the event that the original amplifier is beyond economical repair.

The current inventory of Stock avalibale systems is as below:

Shaker Model Quantity Force (Sine) Force (Random) Max Displacement(pk to pk) Eco Technolgy
i210/SA1M 1 3kN 3kN 51.0 mm No
i220/SA1M 1 8kN 8kN 51.0 mm No
EM2201 1 8kN 8kN 51.0 mm Yes
EM2401 2 24kN 24kN 51.0 mm Yes
A30/EM3HM 1 30kN 30kN 75.0 mm Yes
EM2506 2 40kN 40kN 100.0 mm Yes


Replacement  Amplifier Shaker Model


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