Product demonstrations from the UK Automotive Test Show-Coventry.


THP Systems Ltd recently attended the Automotive Testing Show in Coventry,United Kingdom. During the exhibition THP Systems demonstrated several automotive test solutions with a focus on NVH (Noise,Vibration and Harshness).

Noise -THP Systems exhibited their new mobile Squeak and Rattle test system, which has been designed to enable customers to record and analyse unwanted noise from cockpit subsystems such as center front consoles .The system consists of a “Quiet” mode vibration test system and Acoustic Camera.

Vibration – A selection of vibration tests were demonstrated using the Crystal controller, including Random, Shock and Resonance Search. On board miniature DAQ was also mounted on the product under test, to demonstrate the DTS product line for embedded DAQ solutions.

Harshness – The vibration system was demonstrated using actual recorded road load data. This included rough road, cobble stone and Belgian Pave.

For more information on the products shown at the Automotive Testing Show, please contact us on or if you are interested in THP Systems performing tests on your products within our recently expanded test house please visit us at