Custom Designed Chambers

  1. Tensile Test Chambers

    CSZ’s Tensile Test Chamber is an environmental chamber that interfaces with a customer tensile tester load frame. This chamber is […]
  2. Battery Testing Chambers

    Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) supplies a variety of test chambers for testing small battery cells to large lithium ion battery packs. […]
  3. Process Gas Condenser

    Process gas chillers are designed to condense vapors out of a process gas stream so it may be collected and […]
  4. Fuel Tank Chambers

    CSZ’s fuel tank test chamber is designed to test the quality and reliability of automotive fuel tanks. Fuel tanks are […]
  5. Calibration Baths

    Liquid Calibration Baths Designed for calibration of temperature control devices that contain hazardous or corrosive fluids. Meets Class 1, Division […]
  6. Liquid Chillers & Conditioners

    CSZ Liquid Chillers condition and re-circulate low temperature fluid. CSZ recirculating chillers are designed to remove heat. Our ultra low […]
  7. Solar Panel Testing Chamber

    CSZ designs and manufactures solar panel testing chambers for testing various size photovoltaic modules and solar panels. These chambers are […]
  8. Accelerated Stress Test Chamber

    In today’s fast moving and competitive environment, there is an increasing need to quickly test products in order to accelerate […]