THP Services remote climatic conditioning capabilities

THP Services have the capabilities to thermal test oversized products using the remote conditioning option on our DM1600 ACS environmental chamber.

DM1600 has a standard temperature range of -75 to +180℃ and humidity control from 10% to 98% RH.

The chambers internal space of (W) 1000 mm x (D) 1510 mm x (H) 950 mm.

Using the remote conditioning option from the chamber with  a prefabricated thermal insulated box tests have been performed between -30℃ and +90 ℃ with humidity control.

External Box 225x300

Test specimen sizes of  (W) 1500 mm x  (D) 2010 mm x (H) 1450 mm have been tested successfully, the remote conditioning feature within our test lab also allows customers who may have outsized or irregular dimensioned products.

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