THP Systems and L.A.B USA announce European Service agreement throughout Europe-For Immediate Release June 26, 2019

THP Systems and L.A.B USA have announced that they have entered into a European service agreement that covers the complete range of L.A.B products throughout Europe.

Stuart Vale of THP Systems commented ‘’ THP Systems has experienced tremendous growth in the sales of the L.A.B products over the last 18 months in the UK and across all of Europe. Both the LAB line of Product Reliability and Package Testing Systems are selling very well across the continent. We have been particularly successful with the sales of the HV-Series Hydraulic vibration systems as well as L.A.B’s drop and shock systems.

With more manufacturers setting up internal test facilities, seeking Amazon 6 compliance, we expect further growth in our product sales. As always, that translates to an increasing demand for THP’s expert service and calibration support programs. THP engineers can also service and maintain existing systems and advise customers on suitable upgrade paths when required. We are looking forward to the increase in business as well the expansion of our customer base going forward.

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