THP Services Expand Offering With New Vibration Training Courses

THP Systems have today announced that they will be offering a structured Vibration Test training course for clients.

The course is aimed at engineers and technicians who are new to the field of Vibration Testing and will cover a wide variety of topics including an overview of different test scenarios, and where these are commonly applied to, in various market sectors.

The one day course can be performed either on your site in a suitable classroom environment or at the newly expanded THP Services facility in Letchworth UK, where we have an education room. Our engaging course comprises of health and safety whilst using the equipment, control strategies, test considerations and good testing practices, just to name a few.

The THP Services based course will include practical demonstrations which will utilise the large range of test facilities currently installed in the THP Test house.

Stuart Vale Director THP Systems commented  “THP are eager to expand the knowledge of engineers and technicians in the field of Environmental Testing. The launch of this course is the first step in our mission to assist companies in understanding the benefits of testing their products

In combination with the classroom orientated course, we are also pleased to be able to welcome participants to our facilities here in Letchworth, UK, for those engineers and technicians who may not have experienced live dynamic testing. THP can help with training on how to physically operate the vibration test systems and how they work, with access to our top of the range in-house equipment.”

Whether your current knowledge is non-existent or intermediate, THP can help advance your skills and therefore your test results.

For more information on the course content please click the attached link.

To learn more about our services, solutions and test house, contact us today and we will be happy to assist with any queries.