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Environmental Testing for Students at THP Test House

Environmental testing is widely used across nearly every industry to prove that a design can endure the extremes of everyday use, this can be vibration, shock and thermal testing.

These tests are critical to enable engineers to prove that the product they have designed can survive its designated environment. Durability is pushed to the extremes in many products such as automotive engine parts, aerospace systems or even mobile devices. Many specifications have evolved that enable tests to be performed on specialized equipment that can reproduce these conditions in a controlled environment.

As an Industry first, THP Systems have therefore decided to offer engineering students access to our test house at a reduced educational daily rate. In addition to the use of equipment they will also have engineering support to guide them through the testing.

Stuart Vale, Director of THP Systems, commented “THP Systems has over 50 years’ experience in environmental testing and we believe that the industry needs to encourage more universities to explore, with their students, the effects that this type of testing can have on a final product design.

THP Systems have our own commercially available test house that can perform tests, we offer these services to a wide range of blue chip clients across the UK and Europe, but we have recognized that our future engineers who are designing for the now may not have easiest access to this type of equipment.”

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For full equipment specifications visit or download our equipment specification below:

Test House Equipment Specifications Brochure