1. EST Slip Table

    The Easy Slip Table (EST) from Centrotecnica is an innovative design for horizontal testing in 3 axis. The patented slip […]
  2. AccuDrop™ 125 Drop Test System

    The AccuDrop™ 125 drop test system provides the same precision technology as the other AccuDrop™ series products but is meant […]
  3. TDAS G5

    The TDAS G5 System is a standalone 32-Channel Data Recorder manufactured by DTS. The TDAS G5 is best-selling standalone Data […]
  4. LP234

    Loop Power Sensor, Velocity, 4-20 mA Output, with C° Temperature Output, Side Exit 4-20 mA Current Proportional to Vibration Transmit […]
  5. AC104-M12A

    Multi-purpose accelerometer, 100 mV/g, with 4 pin M12 side connector Common M12 Connection Perfect for Thousands of Applications Affordably Priced, […]
  6. EM-series ECO Shaker (8kN to 125kN)

    Lower overhead costs, decrease electricity consumption and reduce your carbon footprint by lowering your CO2 emissions with the EM-Series range […]