1. Ziegler Instruments

    High Power-Shaker For Components

    The test bench for vehicle components – The EvoCarb – impresses with the completely redesigned optic and the technical performance increase through […]
  2. Ziegler Instruments

    ZoundLab / OCIAN

    For customers from the automotive industry, the additional module OCIAN [Objective Classification of Instationary Annoying Noises]for the evaluation of transient noise has been developed within […]
  3. Ziegler Instruments

    High Power-Shaker For Vehicles

    By using our patented High Power Shaker in test bench construction for Squeak and Rattle analyzes, disturbing noises can be […]
  4. ACS

    ACS Calorimeters

    The ACS Calorimeter is capable of covering practically all test and qualification needs for domestic air conditioning systems, both split […]
  5. ACS

    ACS Battery Test Chambers

    The storage of electrical energy has always posed a technological challenge. Even though there have been significant developments over the […]
  6. Ziegler Instruments

    H3P Stick-Slip Test Bench

    The H3P is specifically designed to measure the stick-slip effect under the influence of third-party substances, such as oils, greases, […]
  7. L.A.B Equipment

    Vib Timer Plus 3Dv2

    New low cost 3-axis g-rms and peak shock logger for transportation and other industrial monitoring applications. The device attaches to your […]