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A-series (3kN – 65kN)

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Product Overview

New Standard in Vibration Testing with a solid test performance. The new A-series Vibration Test System from IMV Corporation.

A-series is delivered with high performance as standard responding to the increasing demand of higher test specifications, a comfortable test environment for all people involved in testing and offers an exceptional test performance.


Improvement in excitation force

When compared with the conventional i & J-series, the A-series increases the relative excitation force.

Standard 76.2mmp-p displacement

A series has a displacement of 76.2mmp-p (3 inch stroke) which gives good balance between specification of velocity, acceleration and displacement. This single system can be used in a very wide variety of tests.

Increase in Frequency Range

A-series has wider frequency range than conventional systems.(Secured stroke of A30, A45 & A65 is 76.2 mmp-p based on mechanical stroke 82 mmp-p)

Cross-Axis acceleration reduction

A series dramatically reduces cross-axis(crosstalk)acceleration (horizontal vibration). Highly accurate tesing is achieved.

High Velocity Shock Testing

A-series(EM amplifier model)provides a maximuim of 3.5m/s shock velocity testing which has not been possible with
standard conventional systems (i , J-series).

Lower Power Consumption

In comparison with the same class of conventional systems (i,J-series), the A-series achieves lower power consumption. With an automatic energy-saving function increased energy saving is achieved across all force ranges

Key Features

Improved Performance – A wider range of test requirements and higher test specifications. The A-series meets the needs for such a versatile test environment.

User Friendly & Secure – Advanced automatic energy saving, high-level of functionality and a protected test environment improving the working environment of vibration testing.

User First Principle – Intuitive interface guides the operator with user-friendly displays. Versatile options free the user from complicated works.

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A-series (3kN - 65kN)

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