DP-1200 Free Fall Shock Machine

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Product Overview

The DP-1200 is a Free Fall Shock Machine from King Design is a gravity-type impact tester. This destructive test enables end-users to understand product’s structural strength and anti-shock / drop characteristics.

The high-efficiency control system is fully digitized and allows the end-user to save data and waveforms. The end-user can see four channels of real-time impact data during the impact test.

The Free Fall Shock Tester has a number of features including a high-speed, one-way braking device that has been granted world-wide patents, precise movement to ensure accuracy.

Other benefits include a low maintenance overhead, high reliability, and can produce half-sine, square or saw-tooth waveforms. King Design’s Free Fall Shock Tester has a precise ball-bearing screw-lever elevator, which is quiet, fast and safe.

The DP-1200 Standard table sizes are up to 1200mm , with maximum payloads of 500 kg and a maximum peak stroke of 1800mm, with tests that can be performed as low as 1m/s and acceleration levels of up to 650g as standard

We can also provide the DP1200 with custom made performance and table sizes

If you would like more information on Free Fall Shock Testers, please contact our expert sales team.

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Key Features

  • Accurate Servo controlled table lifting System
  • Patented single direction table braking system
  • Sine -Square -Trapezoidal-Sawtooth Impact Pads available
  • Full Range of standard shock tables available -up to 1200mm Square

Available Options

  • Shock Amplifier for test up to 100,000 g
  • Larger shock tables available above the standard 1200 mm
  • Data Acquisition System available
  • Additional Measurement Accelerometers



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