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Product Overview

The Easy Slip Table (EST) from Centrotecnica is an innovative design for horizontal testing in 3 axis. The patented slip table has been designed for easy maintenance and installation, combined with a high damping ratio makes the EST a world-class product.

The EST has no risks of seizing for over-turning moments of thermal expansion, the operation is purely mechanical and requires no oil circulation or electrical connection.

The Easy Slip Table from Centrotecnica is suitable for any small Vibration Test System that will be used for testing lightweight products

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Key Features

  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple Installation
  • High Damping Ratio
  • No risk of Seizures for Over-Turning moment of thermal expansion
  • Operation is purely mechanical
  • Requires no oil circulation or electrical connection
  • Used to test lightweight specimens

Available Options

  • Upgrade options available for all leading manufacturers Vibration Systems
  • Customised solutions for specific customers needs


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