General Purpose Accelerometers

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Product Overview

We provide a wide range of Accelerometers manufactured by PCB Piezotronics. Piezoelectric accelerometers offer extreme versatility for both shock and vibration measurements.

Accelerometers provide the measurement signals needed to control the vibratory input and to analyze the test sample’s reaction to vibration testing.

Designed to withstand even the most adverse of environmental conditions, these rugged sensors support a wide variety of configurations to support multiple application requirements.

The two main categories for Piezoelectric Accelerometers are accelerometers that contain built-in signal conditioning electronics (ICP Type+) and those that do not (Charge Output Type).

ICP Type Accelerometers tend to be very cost-effective and are extremely easy to use. End-users looking to acquire measurements from test involving high-temperature environments would use Charge Output Type Accelerometers due to their resilience versus the ICP Type.

Triaxial Accelerometers support simultaneous measurements in three orthogonal directions, ensuing that data is captured from the entire vibration that is being experienced.

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Key Features

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Wide variety of configurations

Available Options

  • ICP Type
  • Charge Output Type
  • Both standard and non Standard cable lengths available
  • Isolated mounting Studs available
  • Adhesives for accelerometer attachment


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