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DP-201 – Shock & Bump Test System

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Product Overview

King Design’s DP-201 Shock & Bump Test Systems are a combination of the bump test and shock test function devices featuring a high-speed lifting mechanism, to reduce waiting times.

The DP-201 is an extremely efficient Shock & Bump Tester, allowing the end-user to run up to 12 Shock Tests per minute and more than 90 bump tests per minute.

The DP-201 also features quick and easy stroke adjustment design. King Design have also invested in an user-friendly interface, making the system simple to learn and operate, ensuring that every aspect of the interaction with the system is as efficient as possible.

A low-power design, the device can be plugged into a regular power source; there is no need to install a power supply.

Shock tests can be run from a height of up to 450mm, while bump tests can be run from a height of 120mm.

Quality is also an important factor to consider. The King Design DP-201 is compliant to international test specifications including IEC68-2-27, IEC68-2-29, GB2423.5, JB/T9391-1999, GJB-150, GJB-360, JJG-498-87.

One option available for King Design’s Shock & Bump Tester is Data Acquisition System (Shock Analyser). The software is run on a Windows environment, giving the end-user four independent channels for system data, feedback and measurement.

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Key Features

  • Both Shock and Bump Test can be performed on one machine
  • Accurate replication of waveforms
  • Variety of Key Test Standards pre programmed
  • Intuitive table raising device
  • Data Acquisition and control housed in Single cabinet

Available Options

  • Variety of table sizes available
  • Selection of waveform generation pads available
  • Additional measurement accelerometers available

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