KD-8688 Automatic Huge Drop Tester

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Product Overview

The KD-8688 is an Automatic Drop Tester from King Design.

The KD-8688 Drop Tester features a four column base and a maximum test height of 1300mm. This Drop Test System is designed to test large specimens with a width of up to 1600mm.

The Support Arms clip the specimen from both sides, then automatically rise to the specified test height and release the specimen to drop.

King Design’s Automatic Huge Drop Tester features Auto Micro Balance, which automatically adjusts the test specimen and can take test payloads of up to 800kg with dimensions up to 1600mm wide by 500mm deep. The KD-8688 also allows for further expansion for larger specimens.

The support allows for the incline angle to be micro-adjusted for unbalance drop, corner, edge face and more.

The sturdy base plate is cast made, with high rigidity and is a zero resonance structure.

King Design’s KD-8688 Automatic Huge Drop Tester is ideal for projects requiring a precise solution that can accommodate larger payloads.

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Key Features

  • Equipped with edge & corner fixture for customers payload
  • Safety guard system.
  • Payloads of up to 800kg with dimensions up to 1600mm x 500m
  • Test Height: 1300mm

Available Options

  • Test area can be extended to 2,000(W) x 2,000(D) mm
  • Data acquisition System for impact waveform recording
  • Additional measurement accelerometer’s


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