Product Overview

Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Random VCS

The MIMO Random Control System provides precise, real-time, multi-channel control and analysis. MIMO Random supports up to 512 input channels, and up to 8 output channels (shakers). After the control channels are designated, the remaining input channels can be set up as monitoring and time data recording channels. The recording option records time stream data at the full sample rate on all input channels. A unique hardware design provides a fast loop time of less than 15 ms.

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Key Features

  • Displacement Optimization for Random: A proprietary algorithm was developed to minimize displacement during Random Vibration Control testing. Displacement is reduced by 10% to 20% while the target PSD profile can still be reached. (Patent pending.)
  • Random Profile Import, Editing, and Reduction: Any saved power spectrum data, in various file formats, can be imported, modified, and used as the random profile. For compatible file formats, refer to the general EDM specifications. The imported spectrum may be modified by reducing the number of break points between two cursors and editing the profile table.
  • Continuous Data Recording
    During vibration control, all measurement input and drive signals can continuously record to a Spider-NAS or the internal storage residing in each front-end. Users can view and analyze data files with Crystal Instruments Post Analyzer. The variable sampling rate can be enabled to simultaneously record slow-change signals together with high speed vibration data.

Safety Features:

  • Abort Sensitivity: a single parameter allows the sensitivity and tolerance of various safety checks to be easily adjusted between customizable lower and upper bounds
  • Shaker Safety Limits: limits for shaker acceleration, velocity, and displacement
  • Open Loop Detection: open loop detection for the control signal and each input channel. Detection is based on maximum control loss or maximum RMS rate of change in the input channels.
  • RMS Limits:: RMS limits for control signal
  • Control Spectral Limits: spectral limits for control signal, starts at full level or low level
  • Max Drive Limit: maximum voltage limit for drive output
  • Shutdown: user-defined shutdown rate in dB per second

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Control Parameters

  • Frequency Range: up to 4,900 Hz
  • Spectral Resolution: 200, 400, 800, 1,600, 3,200 and 6,400. 3,200 for all 8 channels. 25,600 for 1 channel. Resolution higher than 1,600 may reduce the maximum channel count and the highest allowed overlap ratio.
  • Loop Time: 12.5 ms for 2000 Hz. Loop time is the maximum time rate at which a controller executes complete cycles of sampling, processing data and transmitting control signals. It is the inverse of the socalled “real-time control bandwidth”.
  • Average Number: 1 – 500 (2 – 1000 DOFs)
  • Overlap Ratio: none, 50%, 75%, and 87.5%
  • Control Dynamic Range: 90 dB
  • Control Accuracy: ±1 dB at 99% confidence with 200 DOF
  • Drive Sigma Clipping: 3 – 10, or disabled