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THP Services Extends Test Lab Capabilities

THP Services are pleased to announce that we are once again overseeing an extension to our Test Lab Services, with recent investment to secure an additional large thermal chamber for temperature, humidity testing and external conditioning at 2m². This addition will greatly aid the work THP Services are invested in within the Automotive and Aerospace Industry.

The Test Lab also has a new addition of an ACS Discovery Chamber, with humidity capabilities and capacity from 453 L to 1000 L.
The MyKratos™ Software control permits the management of the chamber’s functions through any kind of Wi-Fi/ Ethernet connection, enabling customers the flexibility for advanced monitoring and control of tested units in and out of the Lab.

THP Services have also increased our existing Data Acquisition capabilities with new equipment that enables us to measure a further 40 channels of data for our customers. This new acquisition system can collect and analyse data from force, temperature, and Linear position transducers, and is an expansion to our existing 32 channels of Vibration control and analysis that is currently in use within our Test facility.

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