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Ziegler Instruments Announce S&R Forum 2019 – Ford Campus USA

Ziegler Instruments have announced they will be holding their 11th Squeak and Rattle Forum at the renowned Ford Campus Dearborn, located just a few kilometres away from Detroit, USA on the 18-19th September 2019.

As similar to previous years, the Forum is integral to the understanding and progress in the Disturbing Noises sector, reporting on and analysing the latest advances, technology and solutions in the the world of S&R. Ziegler Instruments invite all to attend what will be a great opportunity to gain the latest insights from industry experts and to meet fellow delegates in the industry.

This year there is a particular focus on Perceived Quality, what it means to customers as well as manufacturers and how different methods of testing Perceived Quality can support customer satisfaction.

Importance of Perceived Quality

What do Industry Experts Say?

“Perceived quality is a major driver of customer satisfaction”

“Perceived quality is the difference between a good and a great product.”

“Perceived quality usually has the biggest influence on the buying decision.”

“Perceived quality is critical to protect a brand from gaining a reputation for shoddy quality from which recovery is difficult and sometimes impossible.”

What Influences Perceived Quality?

Expectation – When touching a surface, we have high expectations of quality and question the product when it feels different.

Performance – We expect a new product to last for a while.

Experience – Usually we have some experience about the product that we are interested in and what we expect.

Features – We purchase a product because of specific features to meet our own needs.

S&R Forum 2019

By signing up for Ziegler's 11th annual S&R Forum you will gain exclusive access to vital insights that build on the content and questions relating to Perceived Quality. For more information please do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] for more information. To simply register and guarantee your place, you can do so by clicking the below button.

Measuring Perceived Quality

THP and Ziegler are pioneers in objectively measuring perceived quality. Through a range of products incorporating the latest technology, we help meet customers requirements and ultimately help improve the perceived quality of their product. For queries or further information on Ziegler products, get in touch at [email protected] today for more information.