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King Design

  1. DP-1200 Free Fall Shock Machine

    The DP-1200 is a Free Fall Shock Machine from King Design is a gravity-type impact tester. This destructive test enables […]
  2. KD-163 Bump / Shock Tester

    The KD-163 is a Bump / Shock Test System manufactured by King Design. The purpose of the Bump Tester is […]
  3. KD-128 Drop Tester

    Drop testing is a key solution to providing data digitizing analysis for better packaging design. The KD-128 Drop Tester is […]
  4. Thermal Cycling and Humidity freeze Test

    The Thermal Cycling Climatic chamber , manufactured by King Design, realistically simulates the environment according to temperature and humidity. These […]
  5. KD-500 Drop Test System

    King Design’s KD-500 Drop Test System has been specifically designed to allow heavy payloads to be accurately dropped, with the […]
  6. UV and Bypass Diode Test Chamber

    UV Test Chambers manufactured by King Design simulates the sun by generating UV light for material endurance testing. King Design’s […]