CSZ Chamber to Test NASA Spacecraft



 “Orion Spacecraft, a mission critical project”

CSZ recently completed installation of a temperature cycling chamber for testing NASA’s Orion spacecraft that will take humans back to the Moon and one day out to Mars.

To ensure reliability, this aircraft will endure critical testing over the next 24 months. Testing will include stresses such as structural and mechanical testing, vibration testing, temperature and humidity testing, pressure testing, acoustic testing and electrical systems testing. The breathtaking 15,000 cubic feet of workspace (25’W x 25’H x 25’D encapsulates the capabilities of CSZ chambers and their ability for customisation.

Features of the impressive build included large double doors measuring 24’ x 24’, a heavy duty floor designed to support a maximum load of 33,000 lbs. and 4,300 PSF, a large custom-designed cooling system to mitigate the heat load and HEPA air filtration system for the workspace. The chamber has been designed to also establish a temperature range of an extreme -20°F to a +220°F. These were just some of the unique aspects of the design.

CSZ are experts in custom design in their chambers. As CSZ European authorised sales and service representatives, THP can help advise on gaining chambers suitable for your testing requirements.

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