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Product Overview

Cubes, manufactured by Centrotecnica, are used to perform vibrations on three axis on small objects and test samples.

They usually are internally hollow in order to reduce the moving mass.

Five faces can be used to affix many test samples on a cube, giving the end-user the possibility to perform a test along 3 orthogonal axis without removing the sample, giving the end-user an efficient test solution by decreasing set-up times.

Cubes are ideal for High Frequency tests, with a range of up to 335mm. A three axis test on three different items can be performed by running the profile three times instead of nine if an L fixture is used.


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Key Features

  • Internally caved to save weight
  • Highly efficient as up to five faces can be used
  • High frequency range with cube dimensions up to 335mm
  • Larger size Cubes also available

Available Options

  • Magnesium or Aluminium versions available
  • Specialised Cubes to suit customs products
  • Sacrificial plates to allow customers to mount one off products with irregular attachment points


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