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Product Overview

Prims, manufacturerd by Centrotecnica, could be considered as a substitute to a Slip Table for Vibration Test Systems.

The Prism has two opposite faces with the same insert patterns, which can be used to perform the in-plane (horizontal) axis while the out-of-plane (vertical) axis has to be performed fixing the items directly on the shaker armature or on an expander.

Prisms are available Casted or Machined.

Casted Prisms feature several standard patterns and are cast in Aluminum or Magnesium alloy. Larger Prisms are Casted.

Machined Prisms are smaller and can be machined from solid aluminum or magnesium alloy.

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Key Features

  • Light-weight structure
  • Two opposite faces to be used together
  • High resonance frequencies if the loads on the two faces are well balanced

Available Options

  • Cast
  • Machined
  • Aluminium
  • Magnesium Alloy


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