Drelloscop 1020

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Product Overview

Probably the brightest LED stroboscope of this device class, it is ideally suited for portable use in harsh industrial environments.
The battery powered DRELLOSCOP 1020 also offers a connection to power supply, thus providing customised applications. The akin to daylight spectrum guarantees a high colour fidelity in the representation.

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Key Features

State of the art LED technology with an optimized knowledge
based LED control technology for high–performance LED.

• Maximum brightness with concurrent short flash duration
• Optimum illumination by using a special LED optics
• Large and easy to read display
• Fast Finder function for manual control
• Smooth image shifting and slow motion function for external control

Operator Panel

All control and display elements are protected from dust by an abrasion proof industrial keypad. Control is either manually or externally
by machine or encoder signals.The large display is easy to read even in poorly lit environments. Intuitive user friendly operation.

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