Product Overview

EDM Multi-Shaker Control (MSC) is a software option included in the EDM testing package along with VCS. Multiple Shaker Control provides one centralized interface to interact with multiple controllers running separate tests at the same time. Multi-shaker controllers are not time synchronized unlike in MIMO VCS, in which all drives are time synchronized.

  • Test Types: Random, Sine on Random, Random on Random, Swept Sine

  • Number of Controllers Running Simultaneously in an Instance of EDM: up to 12

  • Test Operation: individual controller or all controllers (not synchronized or correlated)

  • Display: individual window showing test status and composite window of each controller

  • Manual Control Commands for SINE: set level, level up, level down, restore level, reset average, next entry, set frequency, save signal, pause

  • Manual Control Commands for RANDOM: set level, level up, level down, restore level, reset average, next entry, save signal, pause

  • Manual Control Commands for SOR/ROR: set level, level up, level down, restore level, reset average, next entry, save signal, pause

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Key Features

  • Run different test types independently
  • Custom status display
  • Custom individual command panel
  • Common commands for all tests
  • Robust tolerant design

Custom Individual Command Panel

Users can choose to display or remove selective commands.

Continuous Data Recording

During vibration control, all measurement input and drive signals can continuously record to a Spider-NAS or the internal storage residing in each front-end. Users can view and analyze data files with Crystal Instruments Post Analyzer. The variable sampling rate can be enabled to simultaneously record slow-change signals together with high speed vibration data.

Custom Status Display

Users can choose to display both control composite and test status, or either of them for high counts of tests.

Available Options

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A Spider system can consist of one or more Spider hardware front-ends. The user constructs the system by combining Spider front-ends detected on the same LAN. The software validates and displays hardware attributes of each Spider front-end. The following hardware is supported by EDM VCS software for vibration control, monitoring, and data acquisition.

  • Spider-81 Premium Vibration Controller
  • Spider-81B Basic Vibration Controller
  • Spider-80X High Channel Vibration Controller – Scale up to 512 Channels
  • Spider-80Xi High Channel Vibration Controller – Compact, handheld high channel system
  • Spider-80M MIMO Vibration Control System
  • Spider-80SG General Data Acquisition Device with Strain Measurement


Monitoring Through EDM Cloud

All tests in EDM-VCS support status checks through EDM Cloud. With EDM Cloud support, users can set up any VCS test to upload live data or run logs for completed tests to a cloud storage space provided by Crystal Instruments, where data is securely stored in the user’s account.

The EDM Cloud website is located at Users can access EDM Cloud from anywhere in the world to check the status of past and current tests. A secure login flow ensures the status can only be checked by authorized personnel with proper credentials. Multiple logins for accessing the same Cloud account is available.