Pyroshock Management

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Product Overview

SPM is a software created to strongly accelerate the pyroshock testing equalization of the SRS within the relative tolerances. It uses a DB which progressively populates based on previous measurements in order to quickly suggest the calibration settings of the simulator

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Key Features

With SPM, the time needed for an equalization can be reduced by 70%. SPM is also very useful to allocate a proper time slot to do a qualification and, consequently, to accurately define a budget for the test campaign.

Available Options

Installer for MS Windows and GNU/Linux
Easy activation: no need to install auxiliary license management tools
Life-time license, no expiration date
Friendly and intuitive user interface
Database population via UNV/UFF (universal file format) or two columns text files
Great compatibility: the software is compatible with any software able to generate UNV/UFF files
The curves can be quickly imported by the “Fast add” feature
Previously created SPM databases can be imported
The importation algorithm automatically recognises and merges the curves of the reference accelerometers of the same pyroshock event (doing the average)


SPM 2.1

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