THP Systems

Environmental Test Chambers

Thermal Shock Chambers

  1. TSB Liquid Thermal Shock

    Immediate temperature shock for faster testing CSZ’s Liquid thermal shock chambers consist of separately controlled hot and cold baths. Product […]
  2. VTS Compact

    Provides Superior Performance in a Small Footprint CSZ’s VTS Compact Thermal Shock Chambers consists of two separately controlled hot and […]
  3. DTS Double Duty

    Thermally Shock twice as much product in one chamber The DTS, Double Duty Thermal Shock Chambers are designed to perform […]
  4. BioStore® Freezer Rooms

    Ideal for large capacity storage to replace upright freezers with a single unit. Cincinnati Sub-Zero’s (CSZ) BioStore Freezer Rooms address […]
  5. VTS Large

    Detect product defects before they reach your customer Vertical Thermal Shock chambers consist of two separately controlled hot and cold […]