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    Spider-81B Basic Vibration Controller

    Spider-81B Economical Vibration Controller The Spider-81B front-end is a smaller, simplified system providing everything needed to run Sine, Random or […]
  2. Crystal Instruments

    Swept Sine Vibration Testing

    The Spider Swept Sine Vibration Control System provides precise, real-time, multi-channel control using sine waveform. Swept Sine supports up to […]
  3. Crystal Instruments

    Time Waveform Recording

    While many manufacturers provide long term data recording functions on various hardware platforms, it is difficult to find a good […]
  4. Crystal Instruments

    Time Waveform Replication

    TWR allows for measuring your own time vibration data and playing it back on a shaker. Any arbitrary number of […]
  5. Crystal Instruments

    Transient Random Control

    Transient Random Control drives a series of transient pulses to the shaker. The pulse profile is defined by pulse interval […]
  6. Crystal Instruments

    Transient Time History Control

    Generate or import transient time waveforms into EDM VCS for replication onto a vibration control system. Compensation methods include pre-pulse, […]
  7. Crystal Instruments

    Vibration Intensity

    Whole Body Vibration (WBV) testing is a type of vibration analysis geared towards estimating the effects on the operator. There […]
  8. Crystal Instruments

    Vibration Visualization (DSA)

    It is difficult to imagine the actual vibration level and distribution from the numerical display or the signals which are […]
  9. Crystal Instruments

    Vibration Visualization (VCS)

    The 3D Model Reconstruction software produces 3D geometric models of complex test structures from a batch of 2D photos. EDM […]