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Product Overview

The CoCo-90X hardware platform only supports the Dynamic Signal Analyzer (DSA) working mode. DSA mode is designed for mechanical testing. It is useful for electrical measurement, acoustic analysis, and a wide range of other applications.

CoCo-90X is equipped with 16 input channels and accurately measures and records both dynamic and static signals. The mass flash memory records 16 channels of streaming signals simultaneously up to 51.2 kHz while simultaneously computing real-time time and frequency based functions. An embedded signal source channel provides various signal output waveforms that are synchronized with the input sampling rate.

The handheld system is equipped with a bright 7.0 inch color LCD display with multi-point touch functionality as well as a physical keypad. Flexible connections via a USB 2.0 port, 100Base-T Ethernet port, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection, SD card interface, HDMI interface, CAN bus/serial port, stereo headphone and microphone jack, and GPS. The user connects the CoCo-90X to a PC, downloads files and upgrades the software through several means of network connections.

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Key Features

  • High Dynamic Range
    Crystal Instruments achieves its very high dynamic range for all its measurement instruments by using a unique patented technology that uses two A/D converters in each measurement channel.With such high dynamic range of each input, the gain settings (voltage range settings) are very much eliminated.
  • Performance
    The new dual-core Da-Vinci Series processor allows for a very fast and reactive user interface, which works very well with the new touchscreen interface. This processor handles the user interface, project configuration, power management, network communication, and all peripherals. A high-speed floating point DSP manages the data input/output and real-time processing.
  • Portable Recording Solution
    In addition to providing advanced real-time signal analysis, the CoCo-80X also serves as an excellent data recording device. The CoCo and Spider platforms support the unique ability to simultaneously perform both real-time processing and continuous data recording. To increase the reliability of data recording, a special check sum algorithm is always applied to the measurements.
  • Touchscreen with Intuitive Interface
    The color LCD display with multi-point touch functionality provides for a smooth user experience. The setup and configuration interface is easy to navigate, and allows for a simple and quick setup process.
  • GPS Feature*
    Record all location data automatically during signal recording. Users are also able to view live location data through the easy-to-use GPS feature.

    *Non Wi-Fi and Non GPSoptions are also available

  • CAN bus
    The (ISO 11898-1&2) CAN bus digital input allows simultaneous measurement of an automobile’s speed, engine RPM and/or any of the hundreds of performance variables tracked by its Controlled Area Network (CAN). This diagram on the right illustrates how the CAN bus works with the CoCo-80X. Users need to configure the CAN bus profile on EDM, upload the profile to the CoCo-80X, and initiate the operation of CAN bus.
  • Wi-Fi Connection to PC*
    CoCo-80X is wireless equipped. It can connect to the LAN or Internet via Wi-Fi to transfer the data or control signals.

    *Non Wi-Fi and Non GPS options are also available

  • Convenient SD Card
    Users can copy recorded signal files from the internal flash memory to an SD memory card or directly record the time stream data to an SD memory card.
  • High Resolution Display (HDMI)
    Signals from the CoCo-80X are displayed on a high-resolution monitor or television with the simple connection of an HDMI cable. Set-up is easy and simple.

Software Features

Configurable Signal Analysis

The CoCo-90X utilizes a new signal processing method, Configurable Signal Analysis (CSA). This method provides unique flexibility for real-time analysis including filtering and spectral analysis. Data can be downloaded to a PC and managed, analyzed and exported to other applications using the EDM software from Crystal Instruments.

Available Options

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  • LCD: 7”color TFT WVGA display 800×480 resolution with P-Cap touch screen, 1300 NITS

  • SD Card Storage: up to 256 GB (removable)

  • Number of Input Channels: 16

  • Coupling: AC, DC, or IEPE (ICP)

  • Input Type: Differential or single-ended

  • Input Range: ±20 Vpk, ±2 Vpk, ±0.2 Vpk

  • A/D Resolution: 24-bit per input channel

  • Sampling Rate: 0.48 Hz to 102.4 kHz, with 54 stages

  • Dynamic Range: 100 dBFS (100 Hz to 4.6 kHz)

  • Phase Channel Match: Less than 0.3 degrees up to 20 kHz

  • Full feature tachometer

  • Number of Outputs: 1

  • Output Range: ±10 Vpk

  • D/A Resolution: 24 bits

  • Digital Filter: high-pass and low-pass digital filters

  • GPS Connection

  • Grounding Connection

  • Hard Keys

  • Interface: CAN bus, Micro-HDMI, Audio input, Ethernet, Optional Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, SD Card