Renewable Energy

  1. Custom Fixtures

    All our fixtures are design and customized to suit customers’ requirements for any payload. Professional engineers will design, develop and […]
  2. Spider-HUB

    Designed and manufactured by Crystal Instruments, the Spider-HUB Industrial Ethernet Switch supports the latest IEEE 1588v2 technology to fulfill precision […]
  3. Spider-NAS

    High Performance Network Storage Device The Spider-NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a dedicated network storage device designed to provide high […]
  4. SmartVibro – Vibrometer

    The SmartVibro, developed by IMV Corporation is a hand-held Vibrometer that offers accurate, simultaneous measurement of acceleration, velocity and displacement […]
  5. Prisms

    Prims, manufacturerd by Centrotecnica, could be considered as a substitute to a Slip Table for Vibration Test Systems. The Prism […]
  6. Cubes

    Cubes, manufactured by Centrotecnica, are used to perform vibrations on three axis on small objects and test samples. They usually […]
  7. Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Noise Cancelling Earphones / Headset manufactured by King Design. Designed for cancelling environmental noise in test labs and other environments […]
  8. Conduit Bending Test System

    King Design’s Conduit Bending Test System is fully compliant with IEC 61730-2:2004 MST 33 Specification. The Conduit Bending Tester has […]