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The Post Analyzer application is used for the post processing of previously recorded time stream data. Post processing includes data conditioning, Fourier transform operations, and specialized analyses such as order tracking and octave analysis.

To offer a complete package of both real time analysis and post processing, Crystal Instruments developed EDM (Engineering Data Management) supportive applications to include three separate software modules: Post Analyzer, Waveform Editor, and File Converter. Post Analyzer (PA) contains many powerful post processing tools with batch processing capabilities. This document describes PA functions.

PA is an independent Windows application that analyzes data files on a computer using various algorithms. It has three versions: PA Viewer allows the user to view data and create reports; PA Basic has FFT spectral analysis and 3D signal display functions; PA Premium has more advanced functions such as octave filters and order tracking.

Batch processing is a powerful tool that allows PA software to automatically process identically structured data in batches. As long as the user records time signals without changing the settings, which is often the case, the recorded signals can be fed into the same project and processed individually without manual operation.

Post Analyzer Type

In post processing mode, EDM lets user browse through data files and quickly import the data content and attributes of each channel. Time traces are played back. Cursors and zoom features let you view the signal property details. EDM post processing includes data conditioning, real-time filters, FFT spectral analysis, curve-fit, THD, RMS calculation, octave filters, order tracking, trending and alarms. Displays include time and spectra, waterfall, color-map spectrogram and bode plots. After post processing, data can be exported, or used to generate reports.

The following types of analysis are supported with Post Analyzer:

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