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Vibration Test Systems & Solutions

Our expert consultants can advise the best Vibration Test Solutions for your Project. Please contact us for details.

Vibration Test Systems

Our modern world requires us to simulate real life environmental testing condition. THP can offer a multiple solutions to suit customers’ specification and budget.

A full range of air and water cooled vibrator’s range from 0.3kN to 400kN can be supplied .With many of the systems available with displacements of 100mm.

All systems are design to reduce noise levels. Our systems have an option to be supplied with ECO technology to support with reducing carbon emissions and electricity consumption.

A multi-axis system provides modern technology to the vibration testing industry. These types of systems can simulate the real life situations, as the technology allows the payload to be tested in all three axis simultaneously.

  1. A-series (3kN – 65kN)

    New Standard in Vibration Testing with a solid test performance. The new A-series Vibration Test System from IMV Corporation. A-series […]
  2. m-series – (300N – 1200N)

    The m-Series range of Vibration Test Systems is both compact and silent, but still powerful enough for full-scale tests. The […]
  3. EM-series ECO Shaker (8kN to 125kN)

    Lower overhead costs, decrease electricity consumption and reduce your carbon footprint by lowering your CO2 emissions with the EM-Series range […]
  4. Six Degree of Freedom

    IMV are world leaders specializing in cutting-edge Vibration Testing Technology. The Simultaneous Six Degree of Freedom Multi-Axis shaker is an […]